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Family & Friends Workshop

Share a creative and joyful memory with your family & friends

This workshop is very special, as we learn about fragrances and more importantly how to make them in a family or friend group setup. The workshop is built on the foundation of a close group, sharing a wonderful experience together.

And the best part is that everyone creates their own perfume that can be taken home after the workshop!

Is this workshop for you?

The workshop is designed especially for close groups, actively involving and participating in the perfume making process. 

Imagine how great it is to have a long lasting memory of Florence in a bottle that you made together...

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  • Create your own perfumes with your family or friends in a special smal...

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    From 359.99 euros

Features of the Family & Friends Workshop


Take home your own fragrance


Expert Guidance


Premium Ingredients


Private group workshop


Workshop in English

Reviews of the Family & Friends Workshop

Tropical Flower

Zalan K.

about the Family workshop

The visit at Silvia’s classroom was a great experience last month. She had prepared a 4-seat table for our party, welcomed us and then gave us a wonderful overview of how fragrances are created, what are the basics and then unleashed us to make our own. Her curious and sensitive approach helped us to open up and choose the various oils freely to create a new fragrance. Although you will not become a certified perfumist within an hour we were very happy with the learning experience and the final scents. More importantly, this short class was a fun way to bond with my daughter. Now we have an original Italian experience that not every regular tourist would encounter. My daughter owns an original, written-down recipe of her unique and unmistakeable scent. Great value for money.

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