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Capture your memories
in a bottle

with perfumer Silvia Madari

Tuscany is a magical place. The creative mind of the Florentine Renaissance left us a city immersed in beauty. The surrounding Tuscan land scape charms the senses.

Take these memories home in a wonderful perfume bottle, when you make your own perfume with professional help.
During the perfume making workshop, you can get to know the fragrance pyramid, try wonderful scents and at the end take home the perfume you made at Feel Toscana.

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Perfume workshop given by Silvia Madari

NEW: Do It Yourself Perfume Kits

You can create your own perfume from the comfort of your home, Silvia created these perfume kits which allow you to get creative with scents from anywhere...

Perfume workshop

Personal Perfume Workshop

Bottle your summer memories and create your own personal perfume with us!


Perfume Workshop for Couples


Book a lifelong experience with your other half and unleash your creativity and create your unique scents.


Family & Friends Workshop

Prepare fascinating fragrances together with your family or friend group!


Booking for Agencies


Are you a tourism agency or hotel looking to add a touch of uniqueness to the activities you offer your guests? Our perfume making workshop is the perfect solution!